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Frequently Asked Questions about Mega Globus Multimedia

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  • SMS payments seem to be very popular recently. How does it work?
  • Indeed, one may observe increased interest in additional telecommunication services, i.e. payments through SMS (Premium SMS). Most companies that use this solution provide their customers with access to websites, or even sell their products. At the moment this solution is most popular in the so called micro-payments sector, typically used to pay parking fees, to pay for multimedia contents, and for whole range of entertainment services (games, competitions, lotteries). This solution is very simple and quick, therefore its popularity increases. Very soon it may play a major role in our everyday lives, similar to the one of a credit card.

  • What does it mean that marketing campaigns using SMS Premium services may be self-financing?
  • Marketing campaigns that use SMS Premium services may be financed by SMS messages sent by customers. When a company organises a competition or a SMS poll for its customers, it promotes its brand, or collects necessary information, generating at the same time income from SMS messages sent by customers. In most cases income from such marketing action is higher than the cost incurred to prepare it.

  • What are the most frequent business applications of SMS Premium services?
  • SMS Premium campaigns are typically used in entertainment and information sectors. They are very popular and effective among the media and companies selling their products and services to end-customers. They are used as an entertainment product (competition, chat, forum), or a marketing tool (voting, mini-polls, registration of applicants).

  • Our company prepared an idea for a SMS service to support marketing campaign of a new product on the Russian market. How much time do we need to implement such service and how can we monitor effects of the campaign?
  • Implementation time of such service depends on its complexity, e.g. whether it is going to be automatic, or moderated. Launching simple SMS services takes practically a few days, and Your company will have access to on-line statistics (in real time). You will be able to monitor permanently activities of consumers and their interest in the service.

  • Can Mega Globus Multimedia prepare a SMS Premium service contents based on ideas of our marketing department?
  • Yes, our company apart from the core business, i.e. implementation and management of the abovementioned services, also provides advice, creates contents and ideas for Premium Rate services.

  • Are Premium Rate services an effective method for increasing sales of our products?
  • Premium Rate services may be a tool for a very effective marketing campaign increasing recognisability of Your brand on the market, attachment of customers to your products and services and optimising communication with customers. This may result in improved market position and increasing sales. What is more, the cost of the campaign will be covered by income from the telecommunication traffic on Your SMS Premium numbers.

  • How many people are interested in SMS Premium as a form of entertainment and information?
  • Sector data and independent experts estimate, that in Russia on average ............................ million SMS Premium messages are sent every month. This type of service is most frequently used by people with at least secondary school education, aged between 20 and 30. In time, the number of people using this type of solutions will increase, age boundaries will expand. Analytics' forecasts for the premium rate services say that the market will grow by 20 - 25% a year, which indicates a great potential of SMS services as a marketing, entertainment and information tool.